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Renovation / Refurbishments

 MICCOLI has been leading many renovation project in the past years, and have consolidated their reputation when it comes to full renovations and refurbishment works such as masonry and decoration, painting, flooring and tiling as well as plumbing and electricity.

If your planning a renovation of your house, or thinking to invest in a resale property to make some profit following its upgrade, we’re the best options to help you maximizing the potential of your property.

And of course, with our network of qualified partners we can fully manage any project from start to finish. .. No job is too big for us.

Before / After

Never limit your imagination.. check some before/after examples of our renovation projects by moving the slider from left to right

Belgravia Estepona Penthouse Renovation BeforeMICCOLI Renovation -BELGRAVIA-Estepona
Belgravia Estepona Penthouse Renovation Before 2Miccoli Cocina Reforma Integral Estepona Playa del Cristo
Belgravia Estepona Penthouse Renovation Before 3x2Miccoli Habitacion ninñas Reforma Integral Estepona Playa del Cristo
Belgravia Estepona Penthouse Renovation Before4 3x2Miccoli Escalera Reforma Integral Estepona Playa del Cristo
Belgravia Estepona Penthouse Renovation Before 3Miccoli Cocina Reforma Integral Estepona Playa del Cristo

Why renovate / refurbish a house in Marbella?

According to the latest trends, renovation projects  are quite popular in the Marbella area. There is a high demand for top range and quality homes closed to the beach or to the most sought areas around Marbella, but only few new developments coming out to the market. In most areas it will not be possible to build new houses at all.
Also new developments properties are quite pricey, and their cost expected to soar due to the global crisis and the inflation with raw material prices on the rise.

How much profit can i make renovating a house in Marbella?

There isn’t a straight answer to this question, because it depends on many factors. But we recommend to invest in popular areas, as the renovation cost per sq/m will not be dependent on the location but purely on the finish you wish to have. Ultimate the property value will be much higher in the most sought areas.
The properties we’ve been renovating lately have seen their value raising immediately after completion by more than 40%, whilst the renovation cost was 20-25%, meaning a profit around 20%!

Renovation Progress
Valor Propriedad
Valor Propriedad

Where can i find a property for a renovation project?

If you want to invest in the property market in Costa del Sol and looking for some help with finding the right renovation project we’re happy to help. We do not sell properties ourselves, but we have several estate agency partners that can assist with that, whilst we can identify the property potential planning and budgeting the refurbishment work.